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I will help you to break through your habitual self-limiting patterns so that you can powerfully impact the actions that shape your destiny! 

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I Believe....

that what differentiates you in life is your ability to get yourself to take massive, powerful and consistent action, no matter what your circumstances, so that you can move closer to you boldest dreams everyday!   

What I Do

I help people to break through their habitual self-limiting patterns so that they can powerfully impact the actions that shape their destiny! 


Over the last 27 years and with more than 80 000 hours of coaching, I developed my proprietary PEAK Performance Life Coaching  Blueprint.  


I am passionate about helping my audiences to create powerful breakthroughs in personal transformation and performance. 


Visit my video blog to discover powerful new ideas to help you to break through to new levels of personal growth and transformation!  

Need an alternative perspective?

When we are deeply immersed in our own challenges in life, we can miss certain essential details that can keep us from making the right decisions. All change is simply a change in perspective.   

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My e-Books & Courses

On this website you will find resources to help you breakthrough to greater and sustained levels of clarity, energy, action, mindset and emotion. All the ingredients you need to move your life to the next level!  

"Princess Charlene greatly appreciates the work you have done for her!"
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Sarah Leonard
Secretary Palace de Monaco

My Story

I wish I could say that my life has been an example of a smooth road to success. It hasn’t. I have failed far more than I have succeeded.

But through those failures and my hunger to find answers, my life has truly transformed and qualified me to light the path for others. It is my turn to give back and serve beyond myself.

As a result of quite a tough childhood, I grew up with deep depression. It left me feeling lonely, isolated and feeling very different from everyone else.

On top of that I was at an all boys boarding school which in those days was tough!!

Luckily for me, I discovered the schools gym. And to perfectly suit my very introverted personality, I was the only one in it!

From the moment I wrapped my hands around a barbell, I fell in love with weight training.

But more than anything, I fell in love with the way it made me feel.

All the other boys thought I had a screw loose. “You will get muscle bound,” they said. “It will make you slow,” they said. And behind my back they would snigger and ridicule me.

But I didn’t care…

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