Mind The GAP!

Unlock the limitations standing in the GAP between who you are today and who you need to become to achieve your most extraordinary life’s vision, without ever getting stuck again!    


There are 3 crucial decisions that you are making every moment of every day.

Whether you are aware of them or not, they are massively impacting the quality of your life and your ability to unlock the limitations holding you back. 

If you are truly committed to taking charge of your future, your happiness and ultimately the STANDARD at which you are living, you need to quickly understand how to make these decisions differently starting TODAY!  

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I Believe....in unlocking the limitations

We all deserve the freedom to positively and powerfully impact the course of our own destiny by unlocking the limitations that stand in the GAP. 

We all arrive at a place in life and in our businesses where we inevitably smash into ourselves. We get stuck in our own patterns of disempowering thoughts, emotion, beliefs, conflicting values, and identity. 

These patterns cause us to procrastinate, to become inactive, to lack in progress, destroy self-worth, lower self-esteem, become unhappy and/or depressed and ultimately arrive at a place called learned helplessness. 

They stand in the GAP between who we are today and who we must become to create the results and the life we desire and deserve. 

To get to the next level, to get unstuck, we have to embark on the Hero’s journey. We have to step into the GAP and unlock the limitations standing in the GAP. 

We have to face-off with these patterns and break through the wall of internal resistance that impacts our ability to take the actions that will ultimately shape our destiny! 

What I Do

I step powerfully into the GAP with each of my coaching clients and help them to courageously unlock the limitations and take their first steps on their own personal Hero’s journey.  

When their old familiar patterns present themselves as obstacles or limitations on their path to closing the GAP, I provide the tools, the frameworks, the perspectives and the questions to help them to get very clear, make powerful decisions and find their own answers. 

Are you ready to step into the GAP with me? Are you ready to unlock the limitations and embark on your own Hero’s journey?  

Are your ready to powerfully impact the actions that shape your own destiny? 


The Empires of The Future Are The Empires Of The Mind

Sir Winston Churchill


Over the last 27 years and with more than 80 000 hours of coaching, I developed my signature PEAK Performers Academy Membership Program. 


I am passionate about helping my audiences to create powerful breakthroughs in personal transformation and performance. 


Visit my video blog to discover powerful new ideas to help you to break through to new levels of personal growth and transformation!  

Need an alternative perspective?

When we are deeply immersed in our own challenges in life, we can miss certain essential details that can keep us from making the right decisions. All change is simply a change in perspective.  Let’s have a conversation.

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My e-Books & Courses

On this website you will find resources to help you breakthrough to greater and sustained levels of clarity, energy, action, mindset and emotion. All the ingredients you need to move your life to the next level!  

"Princess Charlene greatly appreciates the work you have done for her!"
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Sarah Leonard
Secretary Palace de Monaco

My Story

I should have been euphoric. I should have been wildly ecstatic, walking on cloud 9 and yes, maybe even a little bit proud.

But I wasn’t. 

It was September, 2001 and as I sat alone at my dining room table, staring at the magnificent trophy I had just won, declaring me the National Champion and qualifying me to finally compete internationally at the pinnacle of amateur physique competition, “The NABBA Universe,” all I could think was,

“Is that it? Is this all there is? 

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