Unlock Your Hidden Potential...

by stepping into the identity of your future-self and out of the story of your limiting past so that you can finally achieve your ultimate life’s vision!  

Because you don’t do what you can in life. You do what you believe you are! 



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I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome. I’ve spoken to numerous people over the past couple of weeks where I’ve mentioned you and the coaching we’re doing together. Every single person I spoke to, spoke so highly of you with the utmost respect regarding you as a person of character...as well as a master of your craft.
Unlock your hidden potential
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Unlock your hidden potential..

I believe that you don’t do what you can in life; you do what you believe you are. 

One of the greatest drivers of your human behaviour or actions in life is your need to remain consistent with who you believe you are. 

This creates a challenge if you want to unlock your hidden potential. 

You may have spent up to a lifetime unconsciously building an identity based on your habits, reactions to past life events, circumstances and your environment. 

Any time that you attempt to make a change of any sort that is not in line with your identity, or who you believe you are, you will either sabotage your efforts, fail or not even try. 

So the first question to ask when attempting to change anything is not, “what do I want to achieve?” but rather, “who do I want to become?” 

True behaviour change is identity change. 

Your identity should be intentionally designed based on a vision of your desired future-self. 

When you begin to take small daily actions from the perspective of your future-self, you reinforce your new identity. 

In fact, the word “identity” in its Latin root means “repeated beingness.” 


What I Do...

I will help you to unlock your hidden potential by stepping into the identity of your future self and out of the story of your limiting past so that you can finally achieve your ultimate life’s vision. 

To help you to unlock your hidden potential and to break out of old repetitive and predictable cycles, which make change feel hard, if not impossible, I get very strategic with these five things:- 

Firstly, I use a framework which I developed called “My Universe” to help you to find a powerful “WHY” for your life. A WHY that is driven by purpose and fuelled by emotion.  

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”

Freidrich Nietzsche

With the “My Universe” framework you will also gain absolute clarity on the Massive Personal Impact (MPI) that you want to have in your own universe. 

Driven by this clarity of purpose, you can shape the identity of your future-self. This identity will shape your actions and your actions will shape who you are and who you are becoming. 

Secondly, we reframe past trauma that shatters your hope and keeps you trapped in the past. 

Trauma is not always a huge life altering event. It could be as simple as a single sentence spoken that has had a lasting negative impact in your life. 

This reframing is done in such a way that it will unlock your hidden potential and propel personal transformation and growth. Your past no longer just happened to you, it happened for you! 

Thirdly, we leverage the story, or your identity narrative, that you tell yourself and others based on either the past or your desired future. 

“The only thing preventing you from having what you want in life is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it!”

Tony Robbins

Fourthly, we work with your subconscious which already runs patterns from your past programming. It can be continually upgraded by taking small winning steps and providing “evidence” for your new identity. 

Lastly, we recreate and redesign your environment which either contributes to keeping where you are or, when upgraded, will unlock your hidden potential and propel you to become someone new. 

The Empires of The Future Are The Empires Of The Mind

Sir Winston Churchill


Over the last 27 years and with more than 80 000 hours of coaching, I developed my signature Future-Self Life Coaching Packages


I am passionate about helping my audiences to unlock their hidden potential and create a powerful breakthrough in personal transformation and performance. 


Visit my video blog to discover powerful new ideas to help you to breakthrough to new levels of personal transformation and personal growth!  

Need an alternative perspective?

When we are deeply immersed in our own challenges in life, we can miss certain essential details that can keep us from making the right decisions. All change is simply a change in perspective.  Let’s have a conversation.

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My e-Books & Courses

On this website you will find resources to help you breakthrough to greater and sustained levels of clarity, energy, action, mindset and emotion. All the ingredients you need to move your life to the next level!  

"Princess Charlene greatly appreciates the work you have done for her!"
unlock your hidden potential
Sarah Leonard
Secretary Palace de Monaco

My Story

I should have been euphoric. I should have been wildly ecstatic, walking on cloud 9 and yes, maybe even a little bit proud.

But I wasn’t. 

It was September, 2001 and as I sat alone at my dining room table, staring at the magnificent trophy I had just won, declaring me the National Champion and qualifying me to finally compete internationally at the pinnacle of amateur physique competition, “The NABBA Universe,” all I could think was,

“Is that it? Is this all there is? 

Unlock Your hidden Potential

Michael Rodd Future-Self Life Coach

Self-Empowerment Comes Via Responsibility

The first requirement of all personal change is to assume full responsibility for everything that is in your life. This does not mean that the events of your life were necessarily your fault. It does mean that you are response-able. You are able to respond to them in a way that empowers you rather than in a way that disempowers you.  

Human Potential Is Nearly Limitless

The only limits to your potential are the limits you place on the size of your life’s vision and your belief in your ability to bring that vision to life. 

You Don’t Do What You Can I Life; You Do What You Believe You ARE

Your identity drives all of your behaviour and attitudes. You will act in ways that remain consistent with who you currently think you are. A shift in your identity will cause a corresponding shift in your behaviours. 

Your Goals And Your View Of Your Future Shapes Your Identity

Your future-self, not some set of predetermined traits shapes your identity. 

Motion Creates Emotion

You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than feeling yourself into taking action.

You Choose Your Purpose And Your Passion!

Your purpose and your passion in life are not innate things that you need to “find.” You choose them, they are effects not causes! 

Life Is Always Working For You And Not Just To You

Every experience in life whether great or small, positive or “negative” is working for you. People continue to have experiences without using the take-away from those experiences. Your most difficult times will provide  some of your greatest insights if you look for them!   

The Map Is Not The Territory

Your individual way of seeing the world is unique to you. Your worldview is shaped by your beliefs, values, experiences and a host of other filters. How you see the world is not how it is but rather how you are!   

Your Decisions Shape Your Destiny 

The most fundamental aspect of your humanity is your ability to make choices. Choosing means making decisions about what you want to happen and choosing how you respond to what does happen. 

“Failure” Is Feedback

You will only ever fail if you give up. There is hardly ever a linear path to success. If you use your “failures” as feedback to correct your course by eliminating alternatives, you will find your way. 

Commitment Is A Statement Of What Is

Your level of commitment in any area of your life can be directly assessed by the results that you are producing in that area.  

You Never Lack Resources, You Only Lack Resourcefulness

Whenever people “fail” they blame a lack of resources. They never had the money, the connections, the information, the support etc. It is never a lack of resources but a lack  in resourcefulness. Emotion is the ultimate resource, if you can create the right emotion, you can get yourself to do anything! 



Michael Rodd Future-Self Life Coach, Umhlanga, KZN, South Africa

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