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The powerful personal transformation that had radically impacted my life made me realise that it could radically shift the lives of others too!

Michael Rodd

My (and your) Story Of Powerful Personal Transformation

I should have been euphoric. I should have been wildly ecstatic, walking on cloud 9 and yes, maybe even a little bit proud.

But I wasn’t. 

It was September, 2001 and as I sat alone at my dining room table, staring at the magnificent trophy I had just won, declaring me the National Champion and qualifying me to finally compete internationally at the pinnacle of amateur physique competition, “The NABBA Universe,” all I could think was…

“Is that it? Is this all there is?” 

It All Came Crashing Down!

I discovered at a very early age that resistance training exercise offered me a deep sense emotional escape from the trauma I had suffered as a child.

For most of my early life I had  grown up with an alcoholic, inconsistent and suicidal mother.

I also had an older brother who chose to deal with his pain by taking it out on me. The bullying was relentless, emotionally debilitating and it crushed all sense of my self-worth.  

For years I used the rush of endorphins, the exercise high, to escape from facing my emotional reality. 

The challenge was that when the training was over, so was the rush. So I began to spend more and more time in the gym training. 

Consequently, my life became an unhealthy and repetitive pattern.


Personal Transformation

 I was defined by and completely limited by my perception of what had taken place in my past. 


By avoiding my past and essentially burying it prevented me from moving forward. It shattered my hope and eliminated my view of my future. I became emotionally rigid and shut off. I stopped learning and I couldn’t evolve or change. 

Because of my emotional rigidity, my “comfort zone” contracted and I never realised that it was actually choking me! I couldn’t get myself to take the smallest actions outside of anything that I was comfortable with.  

Instead of having the goal of embracing new experiences, avoiding feeling the associated uncomfortable emotions that came with anticipating new experiences became my goal. 

I began to accommodate my comfort zone by giving myself labels and developing an identity narrative around those labels. 

I avoided social situations because I labeled myself an “introvert.” I couldn’t feel happy or excited because I labelled myself “depressed.” I let opportunities go because they never fitted into what I felt I was “passionate” about. 


Personal Transformation

I was truly stuck… and that night in September, it all came crashing down!

Awakening To Powerful Personal Transformation.

We all have our own identity narrative or story in life. 

Our story and the way we view the world is filtered through our emotions, thoughts, choices, beliefs, self-worth, values and priorities. 

Sadly, it is this very story we tell about our lives that keeps us from making a powerful personal transformation and living life at a level that we truly desire. 

My story had brought me to a point in my life where I realised that I had to find answers. 

Although I had been declared a winner in the eyes of the outside world that night, behind my own eyes, in my inner world, I felt frustrated, isolated and desperate. 

As I sat there, I wondered how I would ever be able to pay for my flights overseas to compete. 

My finances were a mess and I was already deeply in debt from spending money I didn’t have to prop up my low self-worth.

I was absolutely exhausted from working the long hours that I needed to work just to keep my head above the water. 

I didn’t want to see people, I didn’t want to talk to people and, quite honestly, wondered if was possible that I had completely lost all sense of who I really was. 

Who Do You Want To Be?

Those moments were also a turning point because I asked myself a very powerful question. 

“If you don’t know who you are now, who do you want to be and how do you get there?”

In the days, weeks and months that followed, I began to feel a sense of singular purpose growing inside of me which I had never felt before. 

What if I could answer that question for myself and then use my learnings to help others who were in a similar position in life?

I reasoned that if I could give my pain a purpose by helping others, then it would not all have been for nothing!  

That singular sense of purpose sent me on a decade and a half journey of passionate discovery. 

I studied everything I could get my hands on that related to creating  powerful personal transformation in myself and others. 

I studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); TimeLine Therapy; the latest developments in Neuroscience; Life Coaching; Personal Development and Psychology.


My new purpose shaped a powerful new vision of my future-self and a brand new identity. 

Every action I took and every decision I made was filtered through the identity of my future-self.

The story I told, or my identity narrative was no longer based on my past but on my future.

More than anything, I now had a powerful “WHY’ for my life. A “WHY” that was driven by purpose and fuelled by emotion.

Instead of avoiding new experiences, I embraced them with the understanding that the associated emotions were the very gateway to change and powerful personal transformation. 

As I was learning, I was also implementing what I learned. In the two decades following that night in September I have conducted well over 80 000 hours of personal consultations with people from all walks of life. 

The powerful personal transformation that had radically impacted my own life made me realise that it could radically shift the lives of others too!

In 2014 I was awarded a 4 year contract to work with the Royal Palace Of Monaco. 

Through my learning, observation and implementation over all those years with hundreds of different people, I began to notice definite and predictable patterns of behaviour in the people I worked with. 

The powerful personal transformation that had radically impacted my own life made me realise that it could radically shift the lives of others too!

These behaviour patterns were so predictable that I developed a system for powerful personal transformation which I call “The PEAK Performance Framework.”

“PEAK” is an acronym for (P) Potential; (E) Emotion; (A) Action and (K) Knowledge. 

They are four deep-dive modules which build on each other and are the essence of my Future-Self Life Coaching Programs and my PEAK Performers Academy Group Coaching Program

unlock your hidden potential

With my wife and Princess Charlene of Monaco

Feedback & Reviews

What others are saying….

“Michael helped me in his very gentle way to create a vision for my life and business and then to break through the things that were getting in my way of achieving it. 

I now truly understand that life is lived from the inside out and not the outside in!”

Tracey Farrow

Somatologist and Business Owner

“In 2015 I went through a major life transition. Michael helped me to get a firm perspective on things which really helped me to make the decisions I needed to make.”

Jenni Rivett

Celebrity Trainer and Former Trainer Of Diana, Princess of Wales

Michael changed my life! He transformed me from a procrastinator who was too comfortable into a high achiever and a high performance professional with laser focus.

Lucas Domm

Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Brazil

Embarking On Our Own Journey Of Powerful Personal Transformation Together

Scary Fact:- If you don’t have a very clear vision for where you want to be in 3 years, 5 years and even 10 years down the line, you are ALREADY there!

You can expect to be living exactly the same life for the rest of your tomorrows as you are living today. 

Now, if you are completely satisfied with where your life is today and you are completely happy to be living this same life 3 to 10 years from now, congratulations! 

There is nothing wrong with that and we probably don’t need to continue our conversation.

But I am sure you wouldn’t be here if you were entirely satisfied with where your life is right now! 

AND you wouldn’t be searching for a powerful personal transformation to take you to where you want to go. 

Since you are looking for a solution to a problem, you might recognize that there is a gap between where you are today and where you want to be. 

You may also recognise that standing in that gap is not what you have to DO to close it. 

You have already tried that and felt the incredible resistance that comes with trying to do new things that put you outside of your comfort zone. 

So you thought that perhaps you chose the wrong strategy and so you tried something new. But again, you came up against the same internal resistance.   

Most people approach change the wrong way around. 

They set a goal, they decide what they have to do to get there and then they end up procrastinating, sabotaging their own efforts or sadly, failing! 

Standing in the gap is not what you have to do! It is who you have to become! 

“We don’t do what we can in life, we do what we believe we ARE.” 

Your strongest drive as a human is to behave consistently with who you believe your are, your identity.

Approaching change the right way means aligning todays behaviours with the identity of your intended and ideal future-self.  

It is your habits of thought, emotion, choice, belief and your world view-essentially your story- that accounts for a full 80% of success or failure. 

The other 20% is tactical. But you will never get to it effectively without first working hard in the gap. 

Getting very clear on what you want is our first crucial step in creating personal transformation.

This kind of uncommon clarity has power because working backwards from there, it will ultimately determine WHO you need to become.

Together we will be overcoming challenges that keep you stuck in your old patterns while holding you accountable to daily habits that reinforce your new identity.

With each step forward you will experience a powerful personal transformation.

You will close the gap, unlock your hidden potential and finally move towards achieving your ultimate life’s vision!  

I’m a passionate speaker and seminar leader. 

I help my audiences to create breakthroughs in powerful personal transformation.

Over the last 27 years my PEAK Performance Blueprint has become a guiding light for those seeking rapid and permanent personal change in their lives.   

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life! 

From princesses to paupers, anorexics to the obese, pensioners to prisoners and CEO’s to drug addicts, the limiting patterns of behaviour are clearly identifiable, breakable. 

These people report that the resulting powerful personal transformation they experienced immediately and forever shifted their lives.  


Michael Rodd Future-Self Life Coach, Umhlanga, KZN, South Africa

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