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As my life began to radically shift, I realised that this could not just be for me!

Michael Rodd

My Story

I should have been euphoric. I should have been wildly ecstatic, walking on cloud 9 and yes, maybe even a little bit proud.

But I wasn’t. 

It was September, 2001 and as I sat alone at my dining room table, staring at the magnificent trophy I had just won, declaring me the National Champion and qualifying me to finally compete internationally at the pinnacle of amateur bodybuilding competition, “The NABBA Mr Universe,” all I could think was,

“Is that it? Is this all there is?” 

The truth is, although I had been declared a winner in the eyes of the outside world, behind my own eyes, in my inner world, I felt like a complete failure. 

As I sat there, I wondered how I would ever pay for the flight overseas to compete. My finances were a mess and I was already deeply in debt. 

Additionally, I had just recently been divorced and I was struggling to get through the emotion of it all. 

I was absolutely exhausted from working the long hours that I needed to work with my clients just to keep my head above the rising financial tide. 

I didn’t want to see people, I didn’t want to talk to people and, quite honestly, wondered if was possible that I had completely lost all sense of my personality. 


Michael Rodd About

The words of Neil Diamond playing on the television in the background rang true in my head:-

“I am I cried; I am said I…and I am lost and I can’t even say why…”

I realised in that moment that I was indeed truly lost!

But that moment was also an awakening. It brought home the stark realisation that something had to change! 

As that moment turned into days and then into weeks and months, I began to become obsessed with finding the answer to the paradox of my life. 

How could I be world class in one area of my life and a complete failure in another? 

How was it that I could maximise my potential in one area and be less that mediocre in all the others? How come I could think BIG in one area and…

…And there it was. The answer I had been searching for! 

What had I done differently to create “world-class” physically that I was NOT doing in the other areas of my life? 

Could I take the “recipe” I used for physical success and replicate that to create “all life” success? And what else would I need to learn or break through to get there? 

Slowly my life took on a new energy as I realised that I was onto something.

I retraced every step that I had taken. I read hundreds of books, hired coaches, took courses and qualified in neuroscience; positive psychology; NLP; Life Coaching; CBT and attended every personal development seminar I could afford so I could fill in the gaps in my knowledge. 

I quickly identified that there had been 5 areas that I had been completely committed to that had created that “world class,” that were completely missing from the rest of my life.  

Firstly, and most importantly, I had assumed FULL responsibility for my successes and my failures.

Secondly, I had focused powerfully on what I WANTED.

Thirdly, I knew exactly WHY I wanted what I wanted. 

Fourthly, I had a powerful vision for my future and corresponding goals. I also knew that to achieve these goals, I had to become the person worthy of achieving them! 

Lastly, I had obsessively challenged the obstacles mostly within me that got in my way of achieving what I wanted i.e. I built a supportive mindset. 

As my life began to radically shift, I realised that this could not just be for me!

I felt compelled to take the frameworks I had developed and share them so that others too could break though their self-limiting patterns, powerfully impact their actions and finally shape their own destiny!   

Feedback & Reviews

Here is what other people are saying….

“Michael helped me in his very gentle way to create a vision for my life and business and then to break through the things that were getting in my way of achieving it. I now truly understand that life is lived from the inside out and not the outside in!”

Tracey Farrow

Somatologist and Business Owner

“In 2015 I went through a major life transition. Michael helped me to get a firm perspective on things which really helped me to make the decisions I needed to make.”

Jenni Rivett

Celebrity Trainer and Former Trainer Of Diana, Princess of Wales

Michael changed my life! He transformed me from a procrastinator who was too comfortable into a high achiever and a high performance professional with laser focus.

Lucas Domm

Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Brazil

What Can I Do for You?

I believe what differentiates you in life is your ability to get yourself to take massive, powerful and consistent action, no matter what your circumstances, so that you can move closer to you boldest dreams everyday!

And I promise you, if I can do it, anyone can!

All you need to know is:

  • Exactly what you WANT! Most people focus on what they don’t want. So they normally get it! Clarity has power.       
  • What may be getting in your way of going after that vision such as your consistent emotions, thoughts, choices, beliefs, values, self-worth and even your very identity!  
  • Which habits you need to address and which habits you need to adopt and how to build them into a healthy daily routine. 
  • How to actually make progress, correctly evaluate “failure” so that it serves you and finally feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment! 

Each of these four bullet points represents a very simple summary of the four modules in my P.E.A.K. Performance Blueprint. 

The PEAK Performance Blueprint is a coaching framework that has evolved over 2 decades with my over 80 000 hours experience of working with people from all walks of life! 

This framework has helped thousands of people to move past their perceived obstacles and freed them to pursue limitless lives!     

I’m a passionate speaker and seminar leader. 

I help my audiences to create powerful breakthroughs in personal transformation and performance. Over the last 27 years my PEAK Performance Blueprint has become a guiding light for those seeking rapid and permanent personal change in their lives.   

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life! 

From princesses to paupers, anorexics to the obese, pensioners to prisoners and CEO’s to drug addicts, the limiting patterns of behaviour are clearly identifiable, breakable and the results powerfully impactful!    

Now you can get new perspectives delivered straight to your inbox! 

Visit my video blog to discover powerful new ideas to help you to break through to new levels of personal growth and transformation!  

Need An Alternative Perspective?

When we are deeply immersed in our own challenges in life, we can miss certain essential details that can keep us from making the right decisions. All change is simply a change in perspective.