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Free eBooks For Download

If you are truly committed to taking charge of your future, your happiness, and ultimately the STANDARD at which you are living your life, you need to quickly understand HOW to make these three decisions differently TODAY!

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What if it was possible to stop the unwanted cycle of stress, fatigue, and frustration and bring balance back into your life?

Is life balance genuinely possible, or is it just a cruel and heartless myth?

Learn the answers to these questions and evaluate your life balance in 7 crucial areas to see which areas need your immediate and urgent attention. 

Have you ever wondered where “super-achievers” get their seemingly endless energy and power?

It is an extraordinary type of energy that allows them to stay focused, clear, and perform at almost superhuman intensity for hours on end.

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This ebook has only one purpose. To get you to take the kinds and qualities of action that will move you rapidly towards the goals and outcomes that you want. to achieve. 

To do that, you must have absolute clarity on what it is that you want AND how to break through the things that stand in your way of getting them. 

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Having a lean, energetic, vital, and well-conditioned body provides the best possible “springboard” for mastering every other area of your life. 

Discover a deeper reason for getting into your best possible condition, rather than just the shallow reason of wanting to “look good” and how that reason affects your ultimate success!  

Another one of Michael’s popular free ebooks for download! Get it TODAY! 



Michael Rodd Life Transformation Coach Core Beliefs

Self-Empowerment Comes Via Responsibility

The first requirement of all personal change is to assume full responsibility for everything that is in your life. This does not mean that the events of your life were necessarily your fault. It does mean that you are response-able. You are able to respond to them in a way that empowers you rather than in a way that disempowers you.  

Human Potential Is Nearly Limitless

Provided that they do not violate the laws of physics, the only limits to your potential are the limits you place on the size of your life’s vision, and your belief in your ability to bring that vision to life. 

You Don’t Do What You Can; You Do What You Believe You ARE

Your identity drives all of your behaviour and attitudes. You will act in ways that remain consistent with who you currently believe you are. A shift in your identity will cause a corresponding shift in your behaviours. 

Your Goals And Your View Of Your Future Shapes Your Identity

Your identity is determined by what you are most committed to and is shaped by your view of your future and your goals, not by your past or some set of predetermined traits. 

Motion Creates Emotion

You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than feeling yourself into taking action.

You Choose Your Purpose And Your Passion!

Your purpose and your passion in life are not innate things that you need to “find.” You choose them. They are effects, not causes. 

Life Is Always Working For You And Not Just To You

Every experience in life whether great or small, positive or “negative” is working for you. People have costly experiences but fail to take anything of value from those experiences. Your most difficult times will provide some of your greatest insights if you look for them!   

The Map Is Not The Territory

Your way of seeing the world is unique to you. Your worldview is shaped by your beliefs, values, experiences, and a host of other filters. How you see the world is not how it is but rather how you are!   

Your Decisions Shape Your Destiny 

The most fundamental aspect of your humanity is your ability to make choices. Choosing means making decisions about what you want to happen and choosing how you respond to what does happen. 

“Failure” Is Feedback

You will only ever fail if you give up. There is hardly ever a linear path to success. If you use your “failures” as feedback to correct your course by eliminating alternatives, you will find your way. 

Commitment Is A Statement Of What Is

Your level of commitment in any area of your life can be directly assessed by the results that you are producing in that area.  

You Never Lack Resources, You Only Lack Resourcefulness

Whenever people “fail” they blame a lack of resources. They never had the money, the connections, the information, the support, etc. It is never a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness. Emotion is the ultimate resource, if you can create the right emotion, you can get yourself to do anything! 



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