3 Powerful Ways To Hack Your Emotional State

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I would like to share with you a single distinction that had an absolutely profound effect in my life and I am sure that it will have the same for you, IF you will take action on this idea!

What I am alluding to is how to hack your emotional state. 

Think back to a time when you got yourself into a “state.”

Whether that state was a bad mood, anger, frustration, or any other disempowering state, what you were feeling will determine what internal resources you could effectively access and therefore what your next actions would be and ultimately what results you produce.

Since consistent action is the cure-all, it is crucial that you learn to hack your emotional state to create a more empowering one than disempowering one. 

So how do you immediately hack your emotional state?

There are just three things I call “The Triad of Power” that you can immediately use to hack your emotional state! 

The first one is your physiology, the way you are using your body. Notice how you are currently moving, breathing and gesturing to create your disempowered state. 

For example, picture a sad person. Where are they looking? Down. How are they breathing? Probably slowly and very shallow. What does their posture look like? Rounded and withdrawn. 

I bet that you could answer all of those questions with a degree of accuracy.  You probably have had a lot of practice in creating this exact same emotional  state and you have become good at it! 

The challenge is, do you think that you would be able to access your greatest resources in that emotional state? Would you even feel like taking any productive action on anything? 

Highly unlikely! 

Now do the opposite. Picture someone in a highly motivated emotional state. Where are they looking? How are they breathing? What does their posture look like? How are they gesturing? How are they talking? 

Physiology is a huge topic!  But it is very safe to say that if you can’t shift your mind,  you need to go and shift your body! Shift it in any way that is different from what you are doing while you are in a disempowered state. And the bigger the shift, the greater will be the resulting change in your emotional state! 

Using these short-term physiological upgrades to change your state will be dramatically enhanced if you have built a physiology of excellence over time. 

I will cover this huge topic in another post soon. 

The second consideration in hacking your emotional state is your thoughts patterns. Personal Development has, for years, told us to “eliminate negative thoughts,” which is virtually impossible. However, to go on and validate a thought or worse still, say it out aloud to yourself will dramatically influence your state. 

So what are you saying to yourself? Is it supportive or is it destructive? Mostly we talk to ourselves by asking and answering our own questions. As the saying goes; if you want a better answer, ask a better question! 

The third consideration if you want to hack your emotional state is your mental focus. There are two ways we can change our focus! Firstly, what we are focusing on and secondly, how we are focusing. 

If you are focusing on something that you cannot control, it will create a disempowering state like anger or frustration. 

If you are focusing on your past that was less than happy, it will create feelings of depression or sadness, guilt or even anger. If you are focusing on something in the future that is coming and you are not prepared for, it may cause anxiety.  

Lastly, if you are focusing on what is missing from your life rather than what you can be grateful for, it will create feelings of shame, guilt and low self-esteem among other disempowering emotional states. 

Taking stock of these resulting emotional states, you can easily see how difficult it would be to get the very best out of yourself on a consistent basis.

How you focus is critical! Your mind needs precision and your consistent focus gives it direction. Think of a camera that is unfocused. The resulting picture would almost make no sense. 

Would a blurry focus be an effective directive for your mind? 

Each of these individual influences on your emotional state by themselves are extremely potent. When you combine them positively into a Triad of Power, you can expect a dramatic shift in your results.    


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