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“This outstanding guide helped me to cut through all the misinformation, save time and explode my energy! -Jason Scott, CEO

I was having a really hard time managing my daily energy to cope with my demanding days. Reading this has made a massive difference. Thank you Michael! -Peter Slater, Business Owner


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What You Can Expect To Master
With The Body Mastery Program

The Body Mastery Program is a guide designed to help you to MASTER the first of the 7 areas of your life, and possibly one of the most important! Your Body…

Choosing to master your body first is not a random “pick one out of the hat” type of choice. Having a lean, energetic, vital, and well-conditioned body provides the best possible “springboard” for mastering every other area of your life. 

It is NOT a shallow outcome of simply wanting to change how your body will look that we are after – although that is a great spinoff.

It is a much deeper pursuit. It is about your performance, endurance, energy, emotional balance, and powerful management of your days. 

Embarking on the journey of closing the GAP between who you are today and who you need to become to achieve your goals, your vision, and ultimately your destiny will require that you maximise every possible resource available to you! 

Mastering your

  • emotional life 
  • your business and career
  • your money and finances,
  • your relationships
  • time and productivity
  • and Spiritual growth 

at the highest levels demands that you are functioning physically at your absolute very best!

Having conducted well over 65 000 hours of Life Coaching, training, and seminars with people from all walks of life, from princesses to paupers, CEO’s to drug addicts, obese to anorexics, prisoners to pensioners, I have learned the patterns of success and the patterns of failure. 

Almost every PEAK Performing individual I have met and had the privilege of working with, those fully committed to Life Mastery, have made mastering their physical body a prerequisite to their success. 

Inside The Body Mastery Program You Will:

  • Learn about a very misunderstood part of your body that generates a huge amount of energy and vitality, burns fat, is responsible for the shape of your body, and IS the fountain of youth!
  • Learn how to maximise the vital synergy between the 3 components of your physiology to create an unstoppable force of nature called YOU!
  • Learn to think about food and nutrition in a way that empowers you so that you no longer need to rely on your “willpower.”
  • Develop the confidence to know that you are armed with a blueprint that will FINALLY take you to success where previously you failed or never dared to try.
  •  Understand how high performance physiology is the greatest contributor to stable and supportive emotions and a powerful, positive mindset.
  • Learn timeless advice that will cut through the hype created by the “Gurus,” designed to confuse you and make you feel that you can’t achieve without their latest “7 Days To A Six Pack” program.
  • Maximise your exercise time investment by understanding which kinds of exercises are most productive, the importance of exercise sequence, and the importance of mental focus!
  • Learn motivational strategies to get moving when you don’t feel like it!
  • Learn why most people who start a regime of exercise, even if they have the greatest intentions, will ultimately fail and how you can avoid the mistakes that end up derailing their greatest efforts. 
  • And SO much more!

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